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Dylan Martin, owner/operator

"We have an Ethan Allen bedroom suite that is about 17 years old. There were nicks and cat scratches, many down to the bare wood, which needed attention. Due to the Painted Door's high rating on Angie's list I sent an inquiry via Angie's list process to the Painted Door on a Saturday morning. Within an hour I had an e-mail response from Dylan in my in box. So I called him right then. We discussed the issues and potential resolutions, but agreed he needed to see the pieces to provide the best recommendation. To my surprise based on our experience with other contractors who only work at their convenience M-F 9:00 to 5:00, we arranged for him to come out that Saturday afternoon. He called before he came to confirm. When he arrived he looked over the issues and suggested finish repairs rather than a total re-finish for each piece. Total re-finish would have cost significantly more. Again to our surprise, he suggested he could do the work in our home, not requiring moving the furniture out as we dreaded, and that he could do it at our convenience the next Saturday. He provided a very reasonable estimate including labor and materials and we accepted it. On the day of the work he arrived promptly and well prepared. He conducted the work with little disruption. The results were better than we expected and little different from what we would have gotten from a much higher cost full refinish multiplied by four pieces. Dylan sets the standard for professionalism, politeness and results.We would definitely use him again."

Paul K. (Angie's List Customer) 

"I brought my butlers tray coffee table in to be refinished. The sides needed new hinges, and the top surface and sides needed new stain and varnish. Dylan was able to match the stain to the original. It was a perfect match. He was able to order the hinges that fit perfectly with the original inset. The top was given three coats of varnish for durability. He did the work in about two weeks which was sooner than anticipated. He was very professional and did a great job on the table. I was extremely pleased with the whole experience and would use his services again." 

Maribeth L. (Angie's List Customer)

"I had an old chest that needed to be refinished. I also wanted to add some legs to it. The Painted Door did a great job suggesting colors. The antiquing/distressing work they did looks wonderful. And they did it pretty quickly. I would definitely go to them again." 

Holly C. (Angie's List Customer)

"The Painted Door did a fantastic job on my buffet and hutch and dining room table. They are beautiful. The quality of service and satisfaction was great. Thanks for making my dining room perfect."


Dylan Martin came through in a pinch!

Our four-year-old granddaughter who is invited regularly to our babysitter’s home used a sharp toy to scratch a few lines into this lovely family’s painted and sealed coffee table. No words, really, other than “mortified.” “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it. I searched online for someone local who might be able to work magic with wood furniture repair, someone I hoped would not cost an arm and a leg. The man I found was knowledgeable and kind but he was swamped and he lives far from this family. He recommended a colleague in the business of furniture restoration/repair who often helps him out with overflow, and vice versa. This is how I came to know Dylan. 

I reached Dylan on my first try; no talking to an answering machine, no waiting on a call-back, no frustration. Dylan was warm and professional and he offered a next-day appointment. He explained what he would attempt if the scratches were not too terribly deep, and then what he would try if that first method did not work. Short of sanding down the entire table to the bare wood, there was no way to completely eradicate the scratches, so I had to accept some measure of imperfection. After seeing the table, Dylan felt that he could markedly improve the appearance via that first and less expensive route, and he took the table back to his shop. What I especially appreciate about Dylan is how communicative and punctual he is. He lets you know where he’s at every step of the way.

While I appreciate Dylan taking on this project quickly and clearly wanting to help me correct a wrong, I appreciate his kindness and professionalism most of all. It is clear to me that Dylan wants his customers to be perfectly satisfied in the end. He wants to go above and beyond the call. Not only did Dylan do his best to fill the bare wood with paint and blend lines of demarcation as well as possible, but he went some extra miles and generously buffed out all surface scratches that are inevitable with daily use. I found this generous, for Dylan was commissioned only to deal with the scratches made by our granddaughter. The lion’s share of what he wound up doing was outside the scope of the job. The final coat was a commercial seal not available to consumers due to the system of delivery. Just as soon as the table was dry, Dylan took the initiative to send photos via text.

I have not seen the table in person, however, the photos reveal that Dylan did a very nice job merging old and new. Again, making the scratches invisible was not possible without stripping the table and beginning from scratch. But I found the difference between the before and after photos to be a compelling one. And again, Dylan could have dealt only with those scratches made by our granddaughter. However, he went above and beyond and buffed out all surface scratches before protecting the entire table top with the commercial sealant. This gave the table a fresh, new appearance and a lovely matte sheen. 

I wish more folks were as warm, responsive, and professional as Dylan Martin. He answers texts in a flash. He takes the initiative to send updates. His word, I sense, is gold. Dylan wants his customers to be happy, and I’m left with the sense that he will do what it takes within reason to ensure this. Dylan pours his heart into his work, and he is friendly, polite, and eager to please. Couldn’t ask for more. I have saved his name and number for future reference!

Susan C., Eads, TN

I trusted two treasured pieces to be refinished. They had been damaged in moving and had belonged to my mother. Dylan carefully refinished them to my directions and now they are a beautiful addition to my home. They carry dear memories. I will use The Painted Door again and again.

Teresa C.

Dylan, at the Painted Door, recently refinished a ladder back chair for me. I was hesitant to invest in a chair that didn’t look like much when I first found it In my aunt’s garage. I’m so glad I did though. It turned out great. I will absolutely use the Painted Door again.

Mandy M.

Dylan Martin made this experience worth every penny!!!! I wanted to redo my bedroom, but keep my dresser and nightstands. I love them and don’t see many good pieces like them in the furniture stores. I thought about trying to paint them myself, but I didn’t want to risk messing them up. I googled painting furniture several times, months apart, and finally The Painted Door caught my eye. I went to the site and the painted armoire really looked great. I could not stop thinking about how good and fresh he made that piece look. I gave him a call one day and he pleasantly explained to me the process, and gave me an estimate. It was no doubt in my mind that he was the one to trust with my furniture. Fast forward, MY PIECES LOOK AMAZING!!!! He painted them grey with a chocolate glaze, and OMG they are perfect in every way!!!! Thank you so much Dylan!!!!!!!

Kim G.

From antique dressers to sewing machines, you will not be disappointed with the final outcome here. Excellent quality and results!

Joe S.

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