Saturday, May 16, 2020

Here's to the Oldies but Goodies!

You might not immediately think it, but this very old rocking chair was a unique and somewhat unusual project. It belongs to a customer of mine who received it from her Grandmother many, many years ago. As you can see the chair had a busted laced cane seat and had been painted many times. The rocker was stripped down to the raw wood, repaired/tightened and the seat was replaced with new laced cane. Here’s the kicker! In the last picture, which is the finished product you will see that there is a green hue to the wood. The paint had literally been ground down in the grain over the years from all the coats that had been put on it and once it gets in the grain that’s it. There’s no getting it out! To play it safe I sprayed a special finish on the raw wood to seal in any lead paint. Fortunately, this will be a painting project for the family members she is giving it to. It’s a clean slate now and will look great once painted along with it’s new seat. Sometimes the old, old pieces are worth saving if they mean something to you. 

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