Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Custom Walnut Slab Coffee Table - One Of A Kind!

Every now and again I get to work with Carpenters, Woodworkers and Contractors in the Memphis area on finishing projects of theirs. The most fun of these are the custom woodworking projects that they bring me to finish and this table was no exception. This coffee table was crafted by a new friend of mine named Dan Schroeppel of 38 Woodwork. It is made from a solid slab of Walnut and Maple. The table is made using floating mortise and tenon joints, no wood screws or glue at all. It is made to be able to be taken apart if need be, but its solid as a rock. I know quality work when I see it and Dan is a craftsman. This table is beautiful and I had a great time finishing it for him. Enjoy the pictures and video of the table being put together. Thanks Dan for the awesome work! I'll be posting more projects and pictures from other people I have worked with in the near future so look for them.

Dan Schroeppel
38 Woodwork
(901) 489-0331

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