Wednesday, August 28, 2013


With DIY everywhere  today in magazines, television, and blogs,  the homeowner can be informed on how to accomplish certain tasks around the home.  One of these is furniture refinishing. I have watched shows where the host starts to "Refinish" a bedroom dresser for their client. He or she says, "First step is to take off the old finish."  Most people know that this is no easy task, but media sure tries to make it look easy. Meanwhile, three days later in your garage:  frustrated, tired and hot you are nowhere near being done stripping the old finish.  As a professional, here is what I recommend to you, the homeowner. If you are going down the DIY road with your furniture and you want the old finish off (which I recommend for solid wood furniture), let a professional strip it for you.  You accomplish several things this way. First you save yourself the frustration, time, mess, and hazardous fumes that come with this process. Second, you avoid damaging your furniture from gouges and swirl marks from a sander.  I have stripped pieces for several customers who want to refinish it themselves.  We never put a scraper to your furniture or leave swirl marks.  We simply put it in our stripping tray and use our flow-over system to safely and efficiently take the finish right off.  You then have a clean slate to work with. Our prices are very competitive, as well.  The next time you get the urge to refinish that old piece in the attic, don't even bother with stripping it yourself.  Call The Painted Door.  Let us do the messy work and leave the fun part to you.

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The Painted Door

Crackle painted chairs stripped
Stripped High Chair

Painted children's chair in the stripping tray with finish coming off



Before: Stripping process


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