Monday, May 28, 2012

Furniture Stripping: The Fast Way!

How many of you have ever tried to strip a piece of furniture using the store bought chemicals? I will take a guess and say a lot of you have. As you know, the task of hand stripping a piece of furniture is not easy and takes up a lot of your time. Spending all those hours in the hot or cold garage, stripping away all those layers of paint or stain makes you question why you even attempted it. Well, now you don't have to. We have in our possession a really neat tool that saves you a lot of time. It's called a Furniture Stripping Flow-Over System. We can take your pieces and put them in our stripping table and have them done in less than half the time it would take you by hand. This system is fast and very efficient. It is also safe for the wood and joints of the piece because the stripping solution flows over it instead of being soaked into it. This method has been a favorite of furniture refinishers and restorers for many years now and continues to be the fastest method available. It also lifts every part of the finish that is on the piece leaving you with a clean and raw piece of wood to finish any way you like. As you know we will even refinish or restore your pieces after we have stripped them, but if you want to do that yourself we will happily give your clean piece of furniture back to you for refinishing. Next time you find yourself at Lowe's or Home Depot looking at shelf bought strippers, remember to give us a call and let us do the hard part for you. Below are some general stripping prices for some pieces. Give us a call for a custom quote. Pick-up and delivery is available.

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The Painted Door

Furniture Stripping Prices

• 4 Drawer Chest: Stained $70/ Painted $87
• 6 Drawer Chest: Stained $75/ Painted $95
• 9 Drawer Chest: Stained $85/ Painted $100
• Night Stand/Table: Stained $35/ Painted $45
• Cedar Chest: Stained $50/ Painted $65
• Door: Stained $125/ Painted $145
• Straight Back: Stained $35/ Painted $45
• Arm Chair: Stained $45/ Painted $56
• Round w/ 4 Legs: Stained $85/ Painted $100
• Rectangle w/ 4 Legs: Stained $85/ Painted $100
• Round w/ 4 Legs or Pedestal: Stained $75/ Painted $95
• Rectangle w/ Pedestal or 4 Legs: Stained $75/ Painted $95

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