Saturday, December 31, 2011

What To Do With An Old Dining Table

There are three things you can do with an old table. Trash it and buy a brand new Over Priced one that is not made as well as the one you have, move it to another part of the house, re-purpose and then buy a new one or refinish/restore it and be proud of it again. I like the last one, don't you? It's like seeing an old friend after years of being apart. Below is an example of an older dining table that was restored by us. It had scratches on the top and some of the finish was faded in some areas. I love the look on my customer's faces when they see their restored pieces. It really makes my day and confirms to me that what I do matters in the world of business. I am able to make them happy again with their furniture and that is satisfying. Remember, don't live with the scratched up and faded furniture. Bring it to us and let us restore or refinish it. It will save you money and will make you happy again to have it in your home.

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Before: Notice the faded areas

After: The chair bottoms are next to be restored

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